Improved Hearing and Speech Development with EasyHear

Improved Hearing and Speech Development with EasyHear Hearing Aids

Hazzele Acosta is a young girl with congenital hearing loss of unknown cause. Her elder sister, Evelyn Acosta, is pleased to share with us the improvements she has witnessed in Hazzele's learning and speech development since wearing EasyHear 5G Beamforming hearing aids.

"Hi, this is Evelyn Acosta, sister of Hazzele. We noticed that my little sister had a hearing loss, which made us concerned about her speech development. In November 2019, we took Hazzele to an ENT doctor, where she underwent a hearing test. The results showed that Hazzele had severe hearing loss, and we were referred to NuGen (EasyHear Philippines). At NuGen, hearing healthcare professionals conducted tests on Hazzele, and thankfully, she responded well.

In December 2019, we purchased a 5G Beamforming hearing aid (BTE series) for Hazzele. We immediately noticed significant changes in her behavior. She became more responsive when we called her name, and she even started saying words like ‘Papa’, which she couldn't before. Encouraged by these positive outcomes and her rapid development, our family decided to purchase another EasyHear 5G Beamforming hearing aid for her left ear.

In February 2020, we acquired another EasyHear hearing aid for her left ear, which further improved her condition. Despite the ongoing pandemic, my mother continues to teach Hazzele how to read and speak, and Hazzele is showing a keen interest in learning. We are grateful to Almighty God for answering our prayers for Hazzele's speech development and to EasyHear Philippines for being instrumental in her progress. We eagerly anticipate her continued improvement.

As Hazzele's sister, I am delighted to witness her improvement day after day. Thank you, EasyHear Philippines, for your support. More Power! May you continue to inspire hope in those facing hearing difficulties.”