Clinical Study

EasyHear stands at the forefront as a premier manufacturer by effectively incorporating the principles of Beamforming within the realm of acoustics, catering to the requirements of individuals with hearing difficulties.

The innovation ensures that clear speech intelligibility in noisy environments becomes an attainable reality. Each and every EasyHear hearing aid is powered by 5G Beamforming hearing technology, presenting a remarkable combination of exceptional quality and a value-for-money hearing solution.

Press Release from The University of Hong Kong: 95% users with improved audibility

The clinical study “Self-reported benefits and satisfaction with a Beamforming body-worn hearing aid for elderly adults” by Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences of the University of Hong Kong released by Professor Bradley McPherson was published on leading science journal (International Journal of Otolaryngology, Volume 2018). It was the first clinical paper on patented innovation 5G Beamforming hearing aids.

The outcomes of clinical study are notably promising. A striking 95% of participants reported enhanced audibility as a result of utilizing EasyHear 5G Beamforming hearing aids.

For the complete published article, please click HERE to download.