Hearing Aids Pricing

Hearing Amplifiers: An Overview

Hearing amplifiers, also known as Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs), are designed to amplify environmental sounds. They are ideal for individuals with mild hearing difficulties or those who wish to enhance their hearing in certain situations, like bird watching. While they may seem similar to hearing aids, there is a crucial difference in their signal processing technology.

Hearing amplifiers capture sound waves through a microphone, amplify them, and then deliver the amplified sound to the ear through a speaker or earpiece. However, as all frequencies are amplified together, this can lead to a lack of clarity or distinction between speech and noise.

Pros: Affordable and capable of amplifying sounds.
1. Lack of Customization: Hearing amplifiers amplify all sounds indiscriminately, which can lead to discomfort or even further damage to the ears.
2. No Professional Evaluation: Unlike hearing aids, hearing amplifiers are typically purchased over-the-counter or online without professional guidance.
3. Limited Functionality: Hearing amplifiers lack the advanced signal processing capabilities of hearing aids.
4. Potential for Harm: Amplifying sounds without proper evaluation and supervision can potentially worsen existing hearing loss or lead to other complications, such as tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or discomfort.
Price Range: Starts from a few thousand pesos per ear.

Digital Hearing Aids: A Step Up

Digital hearing aids convert sound waves into digital signals, allowing for more complex sound processing. This may improve performance in background noise and whistle reduction. They can be customized in hearing aid programming so the sound they transmit can be matched to the needs for a specific pattern of hearing loss.

Pros: Capable of filtering out background noise and enhancing speech sounds.
Cons: Noise reduction and sound clarity of entry-level digital hearing aids are not effective enough, but premium grade digital hearing aids are much more expensive.
Price Range: From PHP30,000 per ear to over PHP200,000 per ear.

EasyHear 5G Beamforming Hearing Aid: The New Generation

The new generation EasyHear hearing aid is powered by 5G Beamforming technology. It is designed to provide the hard-of-hearing with improved sound clarity, speech intelligibility, and noise reduction, especially in noisy environments like busy streets or restaurants. It can serve a full range of hearing loss from mild to profound up to 130 dB, while still enabling the hard-of-hearing to enjoy crystal-clear sound and music.

EasyHear offers different styles of hearing aids to cater to diverse individual needs and lifestyles.

Pros: EasyHear hearing aid provides a cost-effective solution and a more natural listening experience in noisy places, allowing the hard-of-hearing to hear a wider range of sounds and tones with less distortion and noise.
Cons: 5G Beamforming technology and EasyHear hearing aid may take time to gain popularity.
Price Range: From PHP58,000 for two ears (i.e. wired body-worn unit) to over PHP140,000 per ear.