Innovation Journey

Danny Cheung, the founder of the EasyHear brand, was once an IT elite with a high-paying job. However, his path took a dramatic turn when he made the courageous decision to sell three of his properties to fund the research and development of new hearing technology aimed at helping his mother, who suffered from hearing problems.

Describing his mother as an optimistic and energetic person, Danny was deeply affected by her struggle with hearing loss as she aged. Her weakened hearing ability began to significantly impact her daily life, leading her to withdraw from social activities out of fear of embarrassment. Despite Danny's efforts to purchase various hearing aids for his mother, she ultimately gave up on them due to their inability to effectively address her hearing needs in noisy environments.

Danny identified a crucial gap in the market: existing hearing aids merely amplified sound without effectively distinguishing between human voices and background noise. Recognizing the limited options available to customers and the high prices of conventional hearing aids, Danny saw an opportunity to make a difference.

Armed with his background in Electronic Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Danny embarked on a mission to develop a revolutionary hearing aid. In 2005, he left his lucrative job as a Senior Regional Manager in a multinational technology company and invested over 10 million HK dollars to establish a dedicated research team.

Unlike typical entrepreneurs driven solely by profit, Danny's primary focus was on helping those in need. Over seven years of intense research and development, the team faced numerous challenges and uncertainties. However, their perseverance paid off when they successfully created the EasyHear hearing device, equipped with groundbreaking 5G Beamforming Technology.

The technological breakthrough achieved by EasyHear garnered global recognition, culminating in the prestigious World Information and Technology Services Alliance Award (WITSA) in 2012. Danny's mother became the first beneficiary of the EasyHear device, experiencing newfound joy as she regained her hearing ability.

With the EasyHear 5G Beamforming hearing aid, Danny's mother was able to resume her normal social activities, reconnecting with friends and enjoying outings without the burden of hearing difficulties. Today, Danny's innovation journey stands as a testament to the power of technology invention and unwavering dedication to improving the lives of the hard-of-hearing.