Why EasyHear?

Why EasyHear

EasyHear is more than a hearing device. It is a total hearing system that improves your quality of life much more than a conventional hearing aid. It brings you the rich, full tones you want to hear and blocks out the noise you don’t. Each user enjoys full control of his or her sound preferences in any environment through unmatched 5G Beamforming Technology and features, all at a fraction of the cost of conventional hearing aids. It’s time to explore a new world of sound.


After more than seven years of dedicated research, our R&D professionals developed a hearing device capable of using 5G Beamforming Technology. Beamforming is the arrangement of microphones to collect desired sound and ignore unnecessary noise. It acts like a funnel and a filter together, bringing you only the sounds arriving from the direction you’re facing (+/- 30 degrees) and suppressing distracting noise arriving from the surrounding area up to 90%. The result is superior speech recognition, enabling you to enjoy crystal-clear sound and music.


Audiologist fittings and follow-up visits can be costly and time consuming. With EasyHear, users can adjust various frequencies to suit their hearing loss profiles themselves with its Equalizer that optimizes tonal clarity. Users can adjust the Equalizer to fit listening requirements in different environments, such as concert, noisy restaurant, quiet room, and more, and then save up to 4 memory storages for easy access.